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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Featured Seller #6 - bearhollowcreations

BearHollowCreations is a place full of beauty. The shop is stocked with wonderful stained glass creations, and looking at the gallery page might make you feel just a little more religious. Having one of these items in your home could be a constant reminder of springtime, or bring you closer to being "at one" with nature. Please read the interview, and take a moment to look through the shop!

What's your real name?
Lyndel Littleton

Any fun stories behind your shop name?
I live on Bear Hollow - a beautiful Tennessee "holler" just North of Nashville.

When did you start crafting, and why?
I've always crafted. It's in me. Can't help myself. But I started doing stained glass in 1986. I am a musician by vocation and was in a very stressful job and I wanted a creative outlet that wasn't music. I took a class and was immediately hooked. I started oil painting last year after my choir bought me class lessons. I love it and will have paintings in my shop soon.

What inspires you?
Nature, quality craftsmanship, and music

Are there any Etsy sellers that inspire you, or that you really look up to?
All of the Etsy glass artists are so talented and the VAST street team has many wonderful artists.

What's your favorite item of those you currently have listed, and why?
Probably the yellow tulips. The yellow is so beautiful with the blue glass around it.

What's your favorite website, other than Etsy?
The one with all of my grandbabies! I have five now and I'm not even 50!

Any last words?
It is so wonderful to see all of the beautiful art on Etsy. I wish there was a way to get people to come here to find paintings and woodcarvings and pottery and of course stained-glass windows for their homes rather than buying massed produced art from Wal-Mart or Target.

Thank you, Lyndel!

Check out Lyndel's shop, and let him know you saw him here!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Featured Seller #5 - countingstitches

CountingStitches has a cute little shop, full of crocheted and beaded lovelies. With everything from blueberry earrings to a sock monkey iPod cozy, she's got something for everyone. Here's her interview!

What's your real name?
My real name is Sharon.

Any fun stories behind your shop name?
I have been knitting and crocheting for over 30 yrs and my shop was to have items in knit and crochet. I couldn't figure out a name and thought, well, I am always counting stitches with whatever I make, so I will call my shop "countingstitches". I also learned to make jewelry 3 yrs ago which gave me a break from counting stitches :) I started out slow but researched and now my jewelry is getting better.

When did you start crafting, and why?
I started crafting when I was 12, I first learned to knit and crochet at the same time then. I had become sick with rheumatic fever back then and was bedridden for a year. The lady down the street came to visit on and off and decided she would teach me to knit and crochet at the same time. One week it was crochet and one week it was knit, till I got the hang of it, so that is what I did for a year besides watch tv. That's when I started to make potholders, dishcloths, slippers and the ever so popular "poodle dog bottle covers". I was a saleswoman from the start because when I got better, I sold my goodies to the neighbor people and thus began my journey of crafting and selling.

What inspires you?
I started selling my items at a craft bazaar almost 10 yrs ago, that's when I got inspired to do more, I checked into the other bazaars every year and did more each year. Then I found out about the Farmer's Markets 3 yrs ago and really like selling there, so that was a start of expanding my horizon. Then I found Etsy and thought I would give it a try during the off season. At first I was really disappointed because like the bazaars and markets you think everyone is going to visit and start buying, but I was wrong. It's different selling online. It's a whole new ball game. After the first year and selling only 4 items, I gave up. Thank goodness the markets were starting up again, I knew I would do much better there. Then after the markets there were the holiday bazaars. Then after the bazaars there was nothing, so I came back to Etsy to try once again, this time I spent several weeks researching and researching other Etsians to see how they presented themselves and what they did to keep their heads afloat. I learned the tricks of the trade and have become a success

Are there any Etsy sellers that inspire you, or that you really look up to?
All the different artists on Etsy inspire me, their colors, their ideas of what they make, I've always had a hard time putting colors together when they are apart, but if I throw them all together then I can see what would go good together, must be the dyslexic thing I have :) LaughingStarfish inspires me with her combination of colors, she does beautiful work. Mikkelina inspires me with her ability to use organic material to put her beautiful jewelry together. As far as my knitting and crocheting go, I get inspired by all the different items made by fellow Etsians that knit and crochet, you can make just about anything with yarn.

What's your favorite item of those you currently have listed, and why?
My favorite item of what I have currently listed is my crocheted purse, it has no seams and is made with 2 strands of acrylic yarn for thickness and strength and is machine washable. I sold these at the markets and bazaars like hotcakes. I do make them in different colors but they sold last Christmas and haven't made any since then but will be making more.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share for people trying to make it in the crafting world?
My advice to other crafters starting out, don't give up, persistence, patience and endurance will pay off. You will have your ups and downs but research and learning is the best way to make it work. Everyone has a talent, you just need to develop it.

What's your favorite website, other than Etsy?
My other favorite website other than Etsy is Crochetville, there are so many people with so many helpful ideas there from all over the world. There is always someone there to help whether you have a question regarding yarn or if you are looking for a pattern or if you just need a shoulder to cry on. I have been on there for 2 yrs now and still love it, they have so many swaps to join : )

Any last words?
My last words are, I am so happy to finally work at something I enjoy doing and make money at it too. I used to be a secretary for over 15 yrs and then became an administrative secretary. I one day realized that I didn't want to sit in 4 walled office for the rest of my life, day in and day out. I had had enough of that and thanks to my dear husband I am now able to work and enjoy it also.

To all the crafters out there, you can do it too, don't give up, look for the different venues out there, they are waiting for you :)

My best wishes to all the crafters,

Thank you, Sharon!

Visit Sharon's shop and let her know you saw her here!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Finished Object

Check out my very first crocheted hat! It's made with TLC Heathers yarn, in "Lilac".

This was the first time I'd ever worked in rounds, and the first time I'd done multiple stitch types in the same project! I did the main part of the hat in double crochet, then I added a row of treble crochet (so you can run a ribbon through if you'd like), and I finished it with a scalloped edge.

I want to list it in my Etsy shop, but I'm not sure. I mean, it IS the middle of April already. It's lightweight, so maybe it could still be worn during the last part of Spring? Oh well, I guess we'll find out soon enough. I shall list it in the morning. :)

Friday, April 13, 2007


I've got a spot in the Showcase!

I picked it to fall on my birthday this year. On May 8th, look for my items up there with all the awesome Showcase stuff! Of course I'll post a reminder, but I was excited to see a slot available on my birthday. :)

P.S.... Does my site look alright to you? Everything seems to be proportioned and centered on my computer, but I checked the blog on my mom's computer and it was a mess! The pictures were pixelated, the "About Me" pic over there ----> was off-center and awful looking, and the whole thing just looked terrible. How does it look on your screen? Thanks for the input.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Oh my gosh, is it Tuesday already? This lack of sleep must be getting to me.

The baby woke up about 3 hours earlier than normal today, which sucks in SO many ways. I don't think I've gotten more than 4 hours of sleep a night for the past few weeks.

I'm so behind on everything. I need to make 10 pairs of earrings, I'm two days behind on my featured seller posts, I've had a half-finished purse sitting next to my sewing machine all week, and the list goes on. I just don't have the drive to do any of it right now! I've (temporarily, I hope) lost my "spark" when it comes to everyday crafting. I still love doing planned projects, but the spontaneous experiments have all been miserable failures this month. When I finally get inspired to work on a new design and it turns out looking awful, it just puts me off of making anything else. It has always bothered me when I've realized I'm not nearly skilled enough to create what I see in my head. I really need to snap out of it though, because my shop is starting to look a little dated.

Well... yeah. That was a whole lot of nothing, wasn't it? Sorry about that. I may come back and delete this post later, once I've taken a NAP or something.

Get 10% off anything in either of my shops by entering the code "NCM07" in the message to seller box during checkout and waiting for a revised invoice. Offer valid today only. Thanks for reading my rants and ramblings. :)
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Happy Easter!

Don't eat too much candy!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Featured Seller #4 - katybdesigns

katybdesigns has such a lovely shop, with very interesting photos showing off her jewelry! If you own a little black dress, you definitely need to stop by. Here's what she had to say...

What's your real name?
Kathleen Brillon

Any fun stories behind your shop name?
well, when I started making jewelry, I didn't have a website so I chose a name that was similar to my email address so that people would remember it, hence KatyB. I know... not the most exciting answer. Since coming to Etsy, I think my name is much more recognizable now and having an online shop really helps! I can let people know exactly where to go to shop!

When did you start crafting, and why?

Hmmm... since birth! lol I would drive my parents crazy making things, using up all the tape in the house, building things in the basement with my Dad's wood pile. It's been with me all my life and luckily I had parents who encouraged me to be creative. Jewelry, I have been making for about 9 years now. A fellow Art teacher friend from New Bedford, MA got me interested in beading and I've been hooked ever since!

What inspires you?
Color and Nature are my big inspirations. I love playing with color combinations and trying out new things. I enjoy colors that remind me of Nature and the world around us. Since I grew up in New Bedford, MA, the beach is a huge influence in my life. And now that my husband and I are living in the country in CT, where the beach is a much longer drive, I'm finding flowers, trees and especially birds have inspired me.

Are there any Etsy sellers that inspire you, or that you really look up to?
Wow, so many! Probably too many to list. Jenmaestre's work is AMAZING, I never knew pencils could be so beautiful. Memoryisart does some wonderful things with paper. And as a jewelry artist I'm inspired by all the wonderful artists I see doing new and exciting things. Fellow Etsians have some really amazing work, and I hope to be at that caliber some day.

What's your favorite item of those you currently have listed, and why?
This one is easy! lol I just listed it last night! And believe it or not it was sitting in a gift shop and never sold!! I couldn't believe it, so I took it back and now hopefully Etsy will give it some love! But it's my Honey Opal and Swarovski Necklace, it is stunning in person.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share for people trying to make it in the crafting world?
well, I'm not quite an expert in this area but I guess they need to first of all love what they do. If a person loves their craft, it shows. They live and breath it! Secondly, get your name out there, email friends and ask them to forward it to their friends and so on. Hand out business cards to everyone who compliments their craft. Basically be your own best advertisement.

What's your favorite website, other than Etsy?
That's a tough one... I'm so addicted to being on Etsy right But a website I enjoy once in a while is the HGTV website to find out information about gardening and landscape design. Also, all the wonderful bead and finding sites that are out there.

Any last words?
It has been my pleasure to be on your blog, and an honor to be chosen. To all the crafters out there just keep doing what you love (and try not to drive your husbands too crazy with "But, I NEED these!!" hehehe)

Thank you, Kathleen!

Visit katybdesigns' shop, and let her know you saw her here!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Featured Seller #3 - SapphireLizard

SapphireLizard has a shop that's packed full of beautiful jewelry! She's got a little bit of everything to offer. Here's her interview!

What's your real name?
Laura Hexamer

Any fun stories behind your shop name?
I have always thought that lizards are cute. I've never had one as a pet or anything, and probably never will, but they're cute. So cute, that I have a lizard tattoo! Its a little blue lizard. When it came time to decide on a shop name, I thought that would be a cute place to start. Add my September birthday to the mix with a lovely sapphire birthstone and there you have it...SapphireLizard.

When did you start crafting, and why?
I have tried my hands at a number of crafty endeavors. Quite frankly, I'm not all that good at other crafts. I started beading a little over a year ago. Originally it was just a hobby. It was my escape. I tried to make a little bit of time for myself every night working with my beads. After a while, I was wanting to create items that went beyond my own personal style. That's when I decided to take the leap into selling my work. Since then, I've learned a lot and had a ton of fun doing it!

What inspires you?
Nature. My family. Just about everything.

What's your favorite item of those you currently have listed, and why?
My Copper Jewels ring in my current favorite. It is truly OOAK and I think it would stand out in a crowd. I have so much fun making the rings because I never really know how they're going to turn out. I just choose some colors and go with the flow. This particular ring turned out really well.

Thank you, Laura!

Visit SapphireLizard's shop, and let her know you saw her here!

April Showers

...SNOW showers, that is! Seriously, what is up with this weather? Last week it was over 80 degrees outside and the sun was blisteringly hot on your skin. This week? It's SNOWING! The highs are only in the 30s! It's no wonder everyone is getting sick around here. It's okay though, because being stuck indoors in the first week of April makes you think of lovely spring things! I made these earrings today...

Don't they make you think of spring? Just a little?
Now available in my Etsy shop, of course. :)

Stay tuned for Friday's featured seller!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Featured Seller #2 - KristieGK

KristieGK has such a beautiful shop, filled with everything from greeting cards to jewelry! Hers is one of many shops that I love looking through, even when I don't have money to spend. Check out her interview...

What's your real name?
Kristie Klepper

Any fun stories behind your shop name?
Sadly, No fun story. I chose to use my real name because that is what I am known as at all of my internet "haunts" and I wanted to remain familiar to my more established clients when I began selling at etsy. ;)

When did you start crafting, and why?
I've always been a crafter. As far back as I can remember I wanted to take things and alter them, change them and put my own personal spin on them. As I got older I tried counted cross stitch, crochet, painting, sketching, beading and scrapbooking. As for why...I think it's just a part of who I am. I don't think I would be Kristie if I wasn't a crafter. lol

What inspires you?
I get inspiration from so many things/places/people, even scents! Magazine articles inspire some of the best scrapbook layouts I've ever made. Clothing and fabric patterns inspire a lot of my jewelry designs. Most of all my wonderful husband Chris inspires me. He is always so encouraging of my creations and efforts.

Are there any Etsy sellers that inspire you, or that you really look up to?
Oh are there! There are many,many Etsy sellers in my favorites and I look in their shops daily! I would list them but I'd be here for HOURS! lol

What's your favorite item of those you currently have listed, and why?
My Garden of Flight bracelet is my current favorite. It just makes me happy to look at it because I love pinks and greens together. I also love butterflies and dragonflies. It has the best of both.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share for people trying to make
it in the crafting world?

My advice would be to chose a craft that you truly enjoy. One that brings you true pleasure and is something you would spend your time doing even if you weren't getting paid one thin dime! That way you are being true to yourself, it seems a LOT less like work, and getting paid is just the icing on the cake instead of the goal. Clear as mud? lol

What's your favorite website, other than Etsy?

Any last words?
Yes! Buy handmade and support Etsy artisans! :)

Thank you, Kristie!

Visit Kristie's shop, and let her know you saw her here!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Featured Seller #1 - ArtisticJen

ArtisticJen is a wonderfully nice Etsy seller, with a beautiful shop! I'm glad to have her as my very first featured seller. I put her through a quick interview, and here's what she had to say...

What's your real name?
Jen Hawks

When did you start crafting, and why?
I have been crafting pretty much my whole life. I've crocheted since I was 8, took up quilting when I was 17, and got started with clay when I was 25.

What inspires you?
I don't think it's really any one specific thing. A lot of times I just let my mind roll on whatever it wants to do.

Are there any Etsy sellers that inspire you, or that you really look up to?
I look up to everyone on Etsy! They've all just been so great to me and always there to lend a hand. It would be really hard to try to pick just one.

What's your favorite item of those you currently have listed, and why?
My rose polymer clay beads. I love making them and taking the time to make them. And then knowing that no 2 are ever alike.

Do you have any advice you'd like to share for people trying to make it in the crafting world?
Well, promote yourself, try to keep a good attitude and don't let other people bring you down.

What's your favorite website, other than Etsy?
Don't really have one, Etsy takes up all my time.

Any last words?
Yep. Gotta give a shout to my boyfriend Kyle, who's my heart and helps keep my pieces together. And our 15 rescued exotic birds, who keep me going with all their unconditional love.

Thanks so much, Jen!

Visit Jen's shop, and let her know you saw her here!

Calling all Etsians

Would you like to be featured in this blog? Contact me! You can send me an Etsy convo, or just email me at

I will need permission to use a few photos from your shop, and maybe some text from your profile or shop announcement. I also have a few questions for you to answer, if you'd like!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Well, it's time to clean out my craft room! A bunch of Etsy sellers are having a "destash bash" starting on March 30, and I look forward to seeing so many cool supplies up for sale! I've got a couple listings up already, with some yarn that I know I'll never get around to using. I'm a yarnaholic, but sometimes you just have to say goodbye. :)

I took the few "destash" listings out of my shop, and loaded up a whole new shop with them! Check it out -

Here's my new Etsy shop, full of supplies!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Learning Experience

I've had this collection of awesome fabric remnants in my stash for many months now, and I'm dying to finally use it for something! I love fabric, and all the awesome potential it has.

I got my craft room all set up, threaded my sewing machine, and started on my very first lined purse. I put a double pocket into the lining! I actually managed to sew straight lines! But now I'm to the point where lining meets exterior, and I think I've royally screwed up.

See, I sewed the exterior of the purse together, and I sewed the finished lining into the shape of the purse. But now I have two purse-shaped objects, and no obvious way to put them together!

I do everything without the aid of patterns, but I got online and looked up some standard tote instructions. Every single one of them mentioned leaving the bottom of the lining open, so the purse could be sewn together and then turned right-side out. I suppose I could just cut a slit into the bottom of the lining, but I may cry. It looked so nice! Oh well, another mistake to learn from.

I'm wondering whether to make a fabric strap, or just a couple of loops for D-rings so it would have the option for custom straps later on. Now is the time to decide!

I'm wanting to add it to my shop, since I've got a really cool patchwork tote coming to me from another Etsy seller and I already own 4 other purses. There's so many totally amazing purses and totes on Etsy though, mine will most likely just slip through the pages. Never hurts to try though, so look for it soon! (Hopefully.)

Well, back to the sewing machine. Wish me luck!


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Numero Uno

Hello, and welcome to my little section of the web! Feel free to take a look around. Kick your shoes off! There's some baby powder on the counter over there that will help with the smell.

Oh, you'd like to see some of my crafty things? Look over there! No, not there... There -----> On the sidebar! That's my shop! Well, some of the items in it, anyway. If you see a picture you like, click on it and you'll go straight to that item's description on my Etsy shop page! Don't be scared to buy it, if you're interested. ;-)

Well anyway, this blog is going to be a combination of craft-related thoughts and more personal things. I would keep it strictly business, but I have a hard enough time remembering to update every day! Gotta have some fun.

I will probably start featuring other Etsy sellers when I get this Blogger thing figured out, so if you're here from Etsy and you'd like to be featured, email me or send me a convo! Hey, it's free, so what could it hurt?

Thanks for checking out my new blog, and please come back again! I promise to update if you promise to comment. :)

Have a great day!

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